study in indonesia

So you find yourself wanting to Study in indonesia, specifically at the University of Indonesia—the country’s number one college—but find it difficult to get information about documents needed? Well, you have all the reasons to feel as if the task is a daunting job but actually it’s not that much different from, say, if you want to go to other countries.

Granted, Indonesia is a developing country but that does not necessarily mean everything is hard and difficult to navigate. In most basic form, the documents you will need in regard to your going to Indonesia are divided into two major types: the ones you need to prepare prior to your departure and the ones need to be in your hand during your stay.

The pre-departure documents cover the likes of visa and passport. But you will also need to have in your hands other types of documents like study permit and calling/telex visa. Study permit is issued by the office of DIKTI (Indonesian abbreviation for Directorate General of Higher Education).

Calling/telex visa is issued by the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration which is sent to the respective Indonesian Embassy in your country of origin. You have to get this calling/telex visa before you go to the country.

Meanwhile, there is a bunch of other documents you need during your stay that you also need to prepare for prior to your arrival. These documents range from Limited Stay Permit to Certificate of Police Registration to Local Police Report and right up to Local Government Report.

The University of Indonesia’s International Office can help you with arranging all these documents if you can’t do it all by yourself. Of course, there will be some fees for immigration handling to be expected but all is needed to facilitate your wish to Study in indonesia.