Best University in Indonesia

Best university in Indonesia which is also become in the first rank among all the universities is Universitas Indonesia (UI). University of Indonesia is prestigious as well Gadjah Mada University that well known as UGM in Yogyakarta or may be Bandung Institute of Technology that called as ITB in Bandung city. Universitas Indonesia (UI) as the best college is a state university in Indonesia and located in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. Because of its predicate and its achievements, UI also becomes the most favorite and the most popular university among Indonesian student or even foreign.

One of the best and the most interesting program that available in this best university in Indonesia is that there is international class available. International class is available in several faculties in the college and available for several major departments. International class means that the college has partnership with foreign universities to do study. Student will study for years in UI and then finish the study in the partnership college abroad. Well, for student that will look for new and attractive experience can try this international class.

International class carried out in several faculties in University of Indonesia such as in faculty of engineering, faculty of medicines, faculty of economic, faculty of computer science, faculty of psychology, faculty of social and political science and also available in faculty of economic and faculty of public health of postgraduate program. Various departments can be taken in international program and will collaborate with different foreign university. The cost for this program actually different each other depends on the department that taken and also depends on the foreign universities as the partnership. Although different, all programs that offered by Universitas Indonesia as the best university in Indonesia will be very useful and interesting and give you many great experiences.